Arctic Fox Fuel Warmers
Hot Fox™ In-Line/In-Tank Fuel Warmer
Hot Fox™ In-Line/In-Tank Fuel Warmer with Thermostatic Control
Hot Fox™ In-Line/In-Tank Fuel Warmer with Auxiliary Fuel Pick Up Tube
Original Arctic Fox® In-Tank Fuel Warmer
Original Arctic Fox® Fuel Warmer with Coolant By-Pass Thermostat

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In-Tank Fuel Warming

Arctic Fox LLC pioneered In-Tank Fuel Warmers. From humble beginnings in 1979, our original In-Tank Fuel Warmers have kept thousands of trucks free from winter fuel gelling problems and still provide value to today's trucking operation, especially those operating APU's or Fuel-Fired Coolant Heaters for idle reduction and other "Green" initiatives.

New engine designs require new fuel warming technology so Arctic Fox developed the Hot Fox™ fuel warmer that combines the features of both an In-Tank and In-Line fuel warmer for optimum fuel heating.

There are thermostatically controlled models, for automatic control of the coolant to prevent overheating of the fuel and eliminating the need for driver intervention when traveling between warm and cold climates.

Arctic Fox products are approved for installation by all major on and off highway vehicle and equipment manufacturers.

Arctic Fox also offers a full range of fuel and coolant line insulation as well as adapter fittings, clamps, and valves to make your installation complete and professional.

For more information, download our full line Product Catalog, or go the "Product Information" section to see product data sheets, installation instructions and other information to help with your decision making.

Where To Buy In-Tank Fuel Warming Products

All of our products are available in the aftermarket programs for most heavy duty truck dealers. For information on where you can purchase Arctic Fox fuel heaters from a distributor, contact us online, or call our customer service department at 1-800-654-5382 or 763-972-2758.