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Hydraliner Hydraulic Fluid Warmers

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This site will shut down soon, please visit our new website at Phillips and Temro.

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Hydraulic Fluid Warming

Eliminate down time due to cold hydraulic fluid. Arctic Fox has a variety of products to keep hydraulic fluid flowing and reduce pump cavitation and blown seals.

Hydraulic Fluid Warmers

Heating hydraulic fluid prior to operating equipment not only increases productivity because workers don't have to wait around, warm hydraulic fluid also reduces pump wear and the chances of pump cavitation and expense associated with blown seals that can result in unnecessary down time.

For large reservoirs, the HYDRA LINER series of fluid warmers is the perfect choice. Available in either 2" NPT or 2" Straight Thread O-Ring Seal attachments, and ranging from 2,100 to 8,000 BTU/hr of heating potential, they make short work of the preheating process.

100% stainless steel construction, designed and built to withstand the working environment of heavy duty off-highway construction, mining, and exploration equipment. Covered by a 5-year, 600,000 mile (1,000,000km) warranty.

For smaller reservoirs, ranging from 8 gallons (30L) to 32 gallons (121L), the HOT FOX™ model of hydraulic fluid warmer is a wise choice. This model can be mounted vertically from the top down, or by using either the Arctic Fox Weld-In or Threaded Adapter, it can be mounted horizontally or even vertical up from the tank bottom. Having this much installation flexibility increases the potential for heating hydraulic fluid when space is limited.

For even smaller reservoirs, ranging from 1 gallon (14L) to 5 gallons (19L), there is the MINI Heat Exchanger, a 7/8" (16mm) diameter heat exchanger, ranging from 6" (152mm) to 10" (254mm) in length, it is ideal for small vehicle or equipment oil pans, hydraulic reservoirs, or other small size containers with fluids requiring heat.

Arctic Fox can also provide Custom Formed Heat Exchangers, with or without fluid temperature control. For more details on all of the Arctic Fox Hydraulic Fluid Warmers, go to theProduct Information section, there you will find more detailed information, product data sheets, and installation instructions.

Where To Buy Hydraulic Fuel Warming Products

All of our products are available in the aftermarket programs for most heavy duty truck dealers. For information on where you can purchase Arctic Fox fuel heaters from a distributor, contact us online, or call our customer service department at 1-800-654-5382 or 763-972-2758.