Arctic Fox Fuel Warmers
HotLine® Electric In-Line Fuel Heater

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Electric In-Line Fuel Warming

TheHotLine® electric In-Line Fuel Warmer can liquefy gelled or frozen diesel fuel in just 3 to four minutes, using only 2% of available battery capacity BEFORE you start the engine.

If a power loss is noticed due to filter plugging while in operation, all it takes is a simple flip of a switch on the dashboard, and within 60 seconds the HotLine® will begin eliminating the fuel waxing that is causing that power loss.

The modular design simplifies installation and service, and makes it compatible with coolant operated in-line and in-tank fuel warmers as well for maximum cold weather operation protection.

The HotLine® kits come complete with the fully assembled electric fuel line to replace your existing one, plus all of the electrical components and pre-assembled wiring harness.

  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt applications.
  • Four power ratings to choose from -150 Watt, 300 Watt, 450 Watt, & 600 Watt.
  • Five common fuel line lengths to choose from - 2' (0.6m), 4.5' (1.4m), 6' (1.8m), 8.5' (2.6m), & 12' (3.7m).
  • Manually controlled by a lighted toggle switch on the dash.
  • Optional thermostat control available.
  • Up to B20 compatible

How do you know which one is right for you? Start by measuring your existing fuel line and then select the model that is closest in length but not shorter. Then consider the highest available power rating within that length, being careful not to exceed you vehicles charging system capacity.

For additional information go the the "Product Information" section, where you'll find data sheets and installation instructions.

Where To Buy Electric In-Line Fuel Warming Products

All of our products are available in the aftermarket programs for most heavy duty truck dealers. For information on where you can purchase Arctic Fox fuel heaters from a distributor, contact us online, or call our customer service department at 1-800-654-5382 or 763-972-2758.