Coolant Dam Pressure Tester
Coolant Dam® Adapters

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Coolant Dam® Pressure Tester


For making minor repairs such as sensors, pipe plugs, valves and other components, there is no need to spend valuable shop time draining and refilling coolant. Using shop air, the Coolant Dam® creates a vacuum in the cooling system, holding coolant inside the engine.

When repairs are completed, the Coolant Dam® quickly converts from vacuum to pressure, up to the maximum pressure limit of the included pressure cap so repairs can be tested without tedious hand pumping or running of the engine.

The T-1000 kit includes the assembled Coolant Dam® tool, 1 standard size radiator adapter, 1 extension hose to fit between the adapter and tool, 1 air discharge hose to divert the air flow exhaust from the work area, 1 metal hanger to support the tool if used with the extension hose, and it all comes packed in a pre-cut, foam lined storage / carrying case.

Coolant Dam® Adapters

As vehicles and equipment evolve, radiator and coolant reservoir caps evolve as well. To keep your Coolant Dam® Pressure Tester as useful as possible, Arctic Fox is continually developing new adapters to mate with newest vehicles. Currently there are 16 additional adapters available. For a complete listing, and to get more detailed information on this fantastic time saving tool, please go to the "Product Information" section to view component lists, product data sheets, service parts, and operation instructions.

Where To Buy Coolant Dam Pressure Tester Products

All of our products are available in the aftermarket programs for most heavy duty truck dealers. For information on where you can purchase Arctic Fox fuel heaters from a distributor, contact us online, or call our customer service department at 1-800-654-5382 or 763-972-2758.